Institut for (X) has since its foundation in 2009 been a laboratory for bottom-up hands-on urban development in Aarhus. In 2018 Institut for (X) will close to make way for a new architecture school in Aarhus, and the municipal development of the Godsbanen area. This fact has been on the table ever since we took over the first building, so we hold no hard feelings – but the deadline made us wonder: what is Institut for (X)?

This book is an attempt to communicate the complex DNA of Institut for (X), by addressing the What?, How? and Why? questions regarding the structure, history, methods and philosophies of the platform. THIS IS X is a DIY urban handbook, in the form of an encyclopedia, and serves to inspire architects, citizens, urban planners, politicians, cultural platforms and organisations to think ”bottom-up” instead of ”top-down”.

THIS IS X has a fragmented, thematical structure. Institut for (X) includes a myriad of different people, projects, companies, communities, methods and philosophies operating on it every day, and the only way to understand it is in fragments, or themes.The themes were identified during several workshops with the platform’s inhabitants in 2014, and expanded further by the authors, as well as several selected residents of (X).

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