Since 2012, REITIR has annually invited a number of people from around the world to Siglufjördur to participate in an experimental approach to the traditional art workshop. REITIR includes young professionals from all around the world with all sorts of expertise to the northern part of Iceland to collaborate on innovative works that address the town of Siglufjördur, in one way or another. The aim of REITIR is to be an active and critical part of Siglufjörður’s development by creating a platform for innovation and critical thinking through interdisciplinary cooperation. REITIR is hosted by Alþýðuhúsið, the art studio/gallery/home of artist Aðalheiður S. Eysteinsdóttir, who is also the cook.
Local collaboration
Think local, as the whole project is about Siglufjörður. Participants arrive without preconceived ideas of what to produce and how. The process starts upon arrival when all 30 people involved meet, by most parts for the first time. The project is split in two parts, the first three days are devoted to research and concept development that includes walks, visits and group work. The seven days that follow are devoted to production and realisation of works.